Historic wallpaper – a guide to dating

You may be lucky enough to find old remnants of historic wallpaper in your period house. But how old is it? Historic wallpaper is difficult to date. Fashions go round in circles and styles had many revivals over the centuries. What comes around goes around Dainty floral and striped designs of the early 19th century... Continue Reading →

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Modern conveniences in the period home

Many people assume I live like a Victorian with no modern conveniences like a TV, central heating or a fridge freezer. I couldn’t think of anything worse! It’s cold enough living in a Victorian house with central heating, so I’d hate to survive without it! Beside, life is too short not to make the best... Continue Reading →

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Mr Straw’s House – A step back in time

Stepping into the National Trust-managed Mr Straw’s House in Worksop is like stepping back to 1923. As previously outlined in my blog post on Victorian and Edwardian houses to visit, this is my favourite such place and I have drawn so much inspiration from its internal features and décor in my own restoration. The house... Continue Reading →

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Antique lighting for your period home

Struggle to find the right antique lighting for your old house? You’re not alone! If you’re like me, you want lighting that’s practical yet faithful to your house’s history. I've discussed the lengths you can go to restoring your home in a previous blog post. I developed a passion for antique lighting when I moved... Continue Reading →

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Period house restoration – four ways to do it

Have you ever regretted a room makeover as soon as you've put the paint tins away as I have during my period house restoration? Yes, we’ve all been there. Sometimes the colour just isn’t what you imagined or it doesn’t suit your room. Over time we also want a change or a different look. I’m... Continue Reading →

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Linoleum – the Victorian wonder product!

Linoleum was the wonder invention of the Victorian period and led the way for the vinyl flooring we know today. Unlike vinyl flooring today, homeowners up until the 1960s didn't just use linoleum in kitchens and bathrooms. The middle and working classes also fitted the product in bedrooms as it had antibacterial qualities. This was... Continue Reading →

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